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Useful Tips

by adMin
Jan , 10
Useful Tips

10 useful and easy tips for student’s concentration, improvement on distance learning


By Fatima Mirahmadi

Interior designer

Master in sustainable design

Chief Design officer at fedde interiors


According to the world wide situation most of the children are studying by distance learning these days. Most of the parents are opening the subject of the difficulties of this way of home schooling. Here are some short tips might be effective for hard working parents to improve their children’s studies and success.

The room and the place of study is important as it’s a place that kid has to concentrate over there , therefore should be a specific space which child will sit and get used to it every day and study peacefully.

If there is no separate room for your kid to study during home schooling, choose a corner of your house and fix it with a beautiful simple table and chair and practice to sit at the same place every day.

If you have placed the table in front of the wall, you can hang some previous year’s picture from the school on the wall to feel them they are close to their school environment and friends.

Select a picture which your child looks happy and beautiful in that. Also you can add a glass or a mug which includes pencils and pens to make it easier for them to use.

During The school times do not turn on any kind of TV, Radio or talking on the phone inside the area which your kid is studying. These matters will damage their concentration while studying.

Get them a soft nice and comfortable dress or T-shirt for your kid, so they can wear it every day at the school time, this will make them more serious about the time they are sitting in front of their iPad or laptops. And make them feel that they are at the school now.

Please understand that it’s not easy for your kids to study without seeing their teacher and classmates physically, your patience is very much important now and much valuable from before.

Please provide to your beloved child positive feedbacks while working on their studies and practicing their homework. Your words will make their world!

Print a short notes with pictures of some exercises and stick it near to their desk ask them whenever they feel tired try those exercises to make them feel good and sharp. Or you can have it beside their books so during the break time they can start some physical activity to reduce the stress and tiredness.

You can provide your child’s breakfast in a beautiful fancy plate to start their morning with a great feeling. Let them feel that they are the most valuable part of your home.