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Living in peace and harmony, requires an environment that allows its habitants to enjoy their time whether they are at home or at work. To achieve this stance, one must invest in Quality Interior designs that are a pleasure to look at, can offer the peace of mind that all surroundings are in touch with nature. Fedde Interiors are proud to follow this philosophical pinnacle and offer their clients quality interior designs that will give them peace of mind. Our speciality is to balance the design needed within the space provided to create a habitat that is in line with all the modern facilities required today while leaving enough space to stretch, think and breath. Only such surroundings can benefit a healthy life: both physically and psychologically. Through research, our team at Fedde Interiors provides its customers designs, materials and equipment from sustainable resources. This ensures that while we are supplying the current needs, we are also taking care of our descendents by leaving them a better world. Interior Designs from Fedde Interiors are beautiful, durable, stress free, and also within your budget. We meet our clients and together discuss their ideas, their concerns and also how we can supply their bedroom, kitchen, office with a beautiful design they will be able to afford.

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Fatima Mirahmadi

CEO/Chief Design officer

Fatima Mirahmadi is an Interior designer holding the master degree of sustainable design in built environment from British university in Dubai. She has started her career at 2010 . She has done award winning projects during her studies and work. Her goal is to bring beauty and peace into the interiors and environment . She belived that every human has the right to live in an beautiful and healthy environment and Spending on Interior design of a space is an investment on your soul and health during the moments of your valuable life. She mentioned that when a client starts believing and trusting to his/her designer then she can see the magical beauty builts after that.