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Covid 19

by adMin
Jan , 10
Covid 19

The impact of the Covid 19 on interior design and the short tips to enjoy better of our life during quarantine and staying at home. Covid 19 has changed our life style. Many of people are working from home these days. Spaces has become multifunctional and distances are longer now.

Home office is the main part of the multifunctional area at home. There are many beautiful and simple designs which can bring you a healthy and effective work space at home. You can simply google it or take an advice from an interior designer. The material of your work space should be easy to clean and it has to be antimicrobial materials. Using cleaning materials also should be consider not to use more than one time per day otherwise chemical disinfectant can cause a serious health problems .And may contain chemicals that cause cancer, reproductive disorders, skin and eye irritation, central nervous system impairment, respiratory ailments (including occupational asthma), other human health impacts.

Life is going on and we have to survive this situation in a very smart way which helps us to be healthy and at the same time to enjoy our lives. There are some simple and beautiful ways to redesign our home during quarantine and staying at home.

  1. Add more greenery to your home especially if you are living in the apartment.
  2. Select a plant and tree which doesn’t cause respiratory problems and absorbs airborne chemical and remove harmful chemicals such us philodendron, snake plant, rubber plant and English Ivy.
  3. Use the maximum sunlight at home open all the curtains and let the sunlight inter to your house.
  4. Decorate the furniture’s in a way which doesn’t block the window.
  5. Natural light can help to boost your immense system, reduce blood pressure, reduce stress and help the people to be more happy and healthy.
  6. Use bright colors of furniture’s or if you have dark sofas decorate it with light color cushions and accessories.
  7. Use the natural materials to feel more relax at home. At the same time an art work with energetic colors and nature views will help your mind to take a rest for some seconds during the day. We are a part of this nature so these can help us to feel the completion in our soul.
  8. Whatever is from nature makes us more relax and calm small light from a warm energy of Candles especially at nights can help us to think slowly and get more calm at the end of the day.
  9. Do meditations, prayers and choose your own way of orison which brings you more closely to the creator. Cleaning our soul with meditation, clearing our mind from all negative thoughts helps us to treat much better with our family members specially kids. As much as we have inner peace a better energy we can transfer to our beloved once.
  10. Do not use old, destroyed, broken or poor decorative items at home. Poor doesn’t mean in the price but in its outlook shapes. Negative energy of these kind of items will be speared at home.
  11. After every one or two month try to change the view of your decoration. You can change the direction of your furniture’s. Change the TV place, dining table, of sofa places. The small changes can bring you a big great feeling.

Hope these tips can brings you a lovely smile and a new goal to stay happier while staying safe at home.